Creating Your Visual Identity

Whether it’s a business card, a billboard, or anything in between, I’m here to help you get your marketing messages out in a consistent and effective manner.

Delivering a Custom Design Experience

There are a lot of resources out there like fiverr and canva, template software or stock sites that allow you to build your designs on a budget. What I can offer as a graphic designer is not only a custom design, but also an experience. To build your designs WITH you and represent your business or service accurately and effectively to show what really makes you stand out so that you can reach the right audience.

Taking a Look at Rebranding

At times businesses might want to freshen up their look and update their brand, but not necessarily “reinvent the wheel” so to speak. This can easily be achieved by maintaining some elements of the existing brand while bringing in new pieces that will give your company, business or service the fresh look you are searching for.

The Logo Design Process

The process of branding a business is an important one and should be a very personal experience. I am often asked how I know where to start when someone comes to me to brand their business. Each time I design a logo with someone the end result will always be very different, but the approach at the beginning is the same. I take the time before I even hit the drawing board to gain a complete understanding of what your business or service is, and what it is you are offering. I don’t look at logo design as a project that I simply deliver to you, but instead as a process we are completing together so your brand reflects what your business is, and who you are so you can stand out and reach the right audience.

Creating Effective Design for Your Business

Having effective and consistent marketing and branding is such an important piece of every business and I love working with people to achieve this whether it’s for a small business, personal brand or a large corporation. People are interacting with your brand every time they see it, whether you are providing a service to them or not. So it’s so key that that brand speaks to who you are when you aren’t there to speak for it.